Maya Kedem

Real Estate Agant


About Maya Kedem

Mia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in law and a Master’s Degree in philosophy from Bar Ilan University.
Mia began her professional career in real estate at the age of 25, in a well-known law firm. Mia specialized in real estate.
After two years in a law firm, Mia moved on to become a project manager with a developer, deepening her knowledge of real estate transactions.

Mia has diverse experience in the field of real estate, project management at various stages of the construction process, purchasing group management, TMA 38 project management and negotiation skills.

Mia’s background is unique, diverse familiarity with all aspects of the transaction.

“I believe in conducting business while maintaining humanity, with emphasis on the connection between matter and spirit.
Human relations, collaborations, understanding customer’s needs and explaining the deal in its various aspects are all a priority.

Mia has acquired both a law degree and license and a real estate representative license license.

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