Oren Or Bittoun

Real Estate Broker


About Oren Or Bittoun

Oren Or Bitton, 49, married + 4. Has had a brokerage license since 2011, an independent businessman for more than twenty years and a prominent public activist assisting veterans and rescue teams suffering from PTSD.
Oren appreciates how important family is. His family is the anchor of his life – and hr knows every family needs a home.

That is why Oren does not define himself as a real estate agent, but as a focused locator of your next home … Like Waze, like GPS – he is focused on the task of finding you not just a property, but a home where your whole family can gather, live, love, get excited and face crisises together, if God forbid they occure.

As an experienced buwsinessman, in Israel as well as abroad, customized service is top value for Oren; he will adapt himself to you, whether you are home sellers or home buyers.

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