Sivan Cohen

Real Estate Agent

Tel Aviv | Neve Sharet

About Sivan Cohen

Sivan was born and raised in Jerusalem.  At the young age of 14, she started working in a variety of different jobs and specialized in the field of sales management. Sivan comes from family generations of real estate, real estate flows in her veins. She was attracted to the field from the first moment. After graduating from high school with honors, she took real estate entrepreneurship courses in college, as part of which, among other things, she obtained a brokerage license at the age of 18. After working for a startup company in the field of real estate and being at the right hand of the CEO, she realized that the field fascinates her and decided to take her passion one step further and open her business in real estate. Sivan is a bachelor’s degree in real estate appraisals student at Bar Ilan University. Sivan is here not by chance but from passion, to succeed, to make her mark, and to be the best for her clients and to accompany them successfully in the most important transaction of their lives. In addition, it is important to her no less to represent the firm with professionalism and loyalty. In her spare time Sivan likes to ride horses, cook, bake, and spend time with her family.

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