Yonit Neeman

Real Estate Agent

Ramat Hasharon

About Yonit Neeman

Married and a mother of four, lives in Ramat Hasharon.

She lived with her family in the U.S for the past 15 years as part of her husband’s role as a physician.

Yonit worked as a real estate agent in Philadelphia in one of the leading firms. In addition, she was one of the members who founded Scouts Tribe in Philadelphia and volunteered as the Tribe’s Head and treasurer.

She holds a BA in Economics and Sociology from the Hebrew University and an MBA from Ben Gurion University.

After her studies she worked as a senior banker at Bank Hapoalim and managed a business credit department at the Jerusalem branch.

Yonit is a prominent and active member at the women’s circle, a non-profit organization in Ramat Hasharon.

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