Buying Properties

Real Capital provides the ideal combination of consumer market demands and real estate market supply with full consideration of buyer needs and supports the buyer throughout the process.

Buying real estate whether for private or investment purposes, requires attention to the client, sensitivity, ability to identify needs and seeing the customer’s perspective. If the purchase is an investment, the acquisition is considered to be a proven long-term effective investment strategy.

There are several types of residential rental properties, each offering different levels of potential income and carrying different risk levels.

Our representatives will know how to provide the customer with all of the above.

Selling Properties

Before selling a property, it is important to receive some guidelines in order to make a worthwhile transaction. At Real Capital, we know how to build you sale strategies to ensure the best price and ideal time to sell a property.

To help with the sale we will provide:

  • Comprehensive and written market plan
  • Property marketing brochure 
  • Open house and representative who is on site to answer questions
  • Customized mailings and advertisements in luxury magazines
  • Option for a property design and home styling