Ramat Hasharon is a suburb of Tel Aviv, located a few kilometers to its north. The city was established in 1923. It borders with Herzliah in the north, Tel Aviv on its southern border, Hod Hasharon on its eastern border.  The city boasts some of the nicest properties for sale including private homes and apartments.

Many of the houses in Ramat Hasharon are single family homes There has been an ongoing effort to preserve the village like vibe. There are smaller 3 rooms apartments for sale in Ramat Hasharon as well as large private homes for sale. Today the city has just under 50,000 residents. In 2019 Ramat Hasharon was chosen by Yediot Nadlan as the best city to live in in Israel.

There are many beautiful private homes and apartments for sale in Ramat Hasharon, as well as private homes and houses and apartments for rent.