Maayan Harkham

Property Manager

About Maayan Harkham

Founded in 2013, Wellspring was the result of a realization: millions of people from around the world are drawn to Israel, dream about having a home in the Holy Land, and with great determination and difficulty – some accomplish this dream.

Yet for many, this is only the beginning of the process of maintaining a home in a country which -though familiar in many ways- is foreign in so many others: language, law and bureaucracy, service culture, professional standards . . . Cognizant of the frustrations and challenges that many new or potential homeowners encounter, Wellspring’s vision was to transform the landscape of property ownership in Israel into an inviting and pleasant endeavor – a cause of joy and not one of dread. Driven by a love for Israel and a commitment to the highest standards of professional care and client satisfaction, we are proud of the many people that we have helped make and keep a home in Israel.

We hope to do the same for you!

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