Meir Gluzberg

Founder, Business development

About Meir

Meir Gluzberg – Founder and partner 

Holds a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of York in Toronto and serves as a director in the Office for encouraging trade relations between Canada and Israel.

Lives in Toronto and Ramat Hasharon, married to Yael and father of four children.

Meir is an investor in the real estate industry with more than 20 years of experience. Additionally he is founder and partner at Forest Hill Downtown, Toronto, which specializes in luxury homes and real estate investments, and the founder of Real Capital, a successful private Real Estate Brokerage chain in Israel.

Prior to entering the real estate market, he was a successful entrepreneur in the food and high-tech industries. As a founder and CEO, he successfully led several companies with high profits and successful exits. “WebAffairs”, which specializes in web site development solutions for business, was one of his entrepreneurships. “WebAffairs” was acquired by a public company that listed on Toronto’s stock exchange. His rich experience in real estate investment and entrepreneurial skills are the factors that directly influence the company’s success.

Meir Gluzberg is the founder and the Chairman of the Israeli Real Estate Association. Derech Eretz.


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