Raanana was established in 1922, by pioneers from the United States, and over the years has become an agricultural colony and one of the leading cities in Israel in terms of quality of life.
A city that has gained a reputation for its high level of education, rich cultural life, sports and youth enterprises and extensive community activities.

In the last decade, Raanana has become one of the leading high-tech centers in the country and huge companies have established their residence there, as well as an academic center, with the relocation of the Open University to the city.

Special emphasis in the city on environmental issues, creating a well-kept and green appearance, gardens and parks, an extensive recycling system and creating a broad public awareness of the issue – in accordance with international standards.

Has urban accessibility, with the highlight being the establishment of a “Friends Park” – an amusement park accessible to children with special needs, unique in Israel.

Raanana currently has about 90,000 residents. Most of them are natives of the country and alongside them are immigrants from the countries of the West and the East, from South Africa and from the Latin American countries and the Commonwealth of Nations. In recent years, immigrants from South America and France have been absorbed into the city.

The city also has a special relationship with the Jewish community of Metro West in New Jersey, whose members have helped Raanana with donations to various projects in the city. The ties with the twin cities are intended to encourage and foster a warm bond between the communities, including ties between the Jewish community in Raanana and Jews in the Diaspora, strengthen the commercial economic infrastructure of Raanana, and create collaborations in the fields of high-tech, sports, education and culture.


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